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About us

A brief introduction to Advanced Gaming

Who we are

We, at the moment, are a small, tight-knit community of three sole souls, that are performing the programming tasks we face. At the very beginning, we only used to do programming tasks to attain experience and to further develop our programming capabilities. After a while, however, the tables began to turn. We received towering feedback from our users, stating we performed an excellent job. That, combined with our passion for programming, switched our programming job from being after school amusement, to being a leisure job.

Our mission

Shortly after, we began to set up our own private server - a modified or altered version of an already existing game - and made it our primary task. Because we want to expand even further, we have decided to alter our aims. To reach these, we are working hard and put in a lot of dedication in our work. Everyone is held responsible for his or her own tasks and are accountable for the work they finish.

What we do

We work at our fullest potential at all times to provide support for the games of our users and are still expanding our support to different games. We will be discussing the requested games and see if there is an area of interest amongst the online gaming community to play on dedicated private servers of these games: if there is, we shall consider your request very seriously and see if we are able to provide a well performing server.

The games

When it comes to the type of games we are willing to support, you shall see we are very open minded: Shooters, sandbox games, fantasies, MMORPGs - and willing to consider special requests.


However, we are not only working in hosting private servers. We are, at the same time, also working on releasing some games of our own, provide customized Android applications and take requests from clients interested in having us create an application for them.

The team

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MTA Admin

Mahmoud, 16 years old, Denmark. Administrator.


Marciano Stikkelorum, 19 years old, The Netherlands. Lead developer

Game designer

Michael Willman, 23 years old, United States. Game designer


Leonardo Prkic, 16 years old, Croatia. Known with Pawn, community owner.

Our games

We are currently supporting the following games

The server is currently in beta v1.0.0, you can register directly in-game.


Multi Theft Auto

This game is currently offline

Ultimate survival


This game is still in development, we have not yet placed a release date.

Tranquil MS


You can visit our server on, if you can handle it!

The Center, evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved